The Diary On the Fifth Floor

  Name: The Diary on the Fifth Floor Author: Raisha Lalwani Genre: Fiction Publisher: Rupa Publications   The Diary on the Fifth Floor is one of those books which has left me at a loss while trying to categorise it. It felt like a fast-paced psychological thriller and yet contains nothing that we usually associate with... Continue Reading →


The Biggest Celebration of Bangla Literature is Here!

Hello lovely bibliophiles of Bengal! Here's your opportunity to meet your favourite authors from the cultural capital of the country. The dates and schedule of the much-awaited Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utsav are finally out. Bengalis love to read. A novel and gorom cha is all we need and we can spend hours without caring for the... Continue Reading →

What is Love Worth?

Being the quintessential Bengali kid feeding on Tagore and Victorian classics, I have grown up to be a hopelessly romantic adult- as emotional and sensitive as the heroines sketched by the auteurs whose works I have idolized. However, no matter how earth-shattering it may sound, literature is not life. I have fallen in love over... Continue Reading →

Once Upon An IAS Exam

  Name: Once Upon An IAS Exam Author: K Vijayakarthikeyan Publisher: Rupa Publications    Set in the bustling Civil Services exam coaching hub of Anna Nagar in Chennai, Once Upon An IAS Exam is a hilarious account of the actuality, stress and struggle faced by millions of candidates who prepare year after year for this 'Mother... Continue Reading →

Divided by Partition United by Resilience

  Name: Divided by Partition United by Resilience Author: Mallika Ahluwalia Publisher: Rupa Publications Genre: History, Biography   The Partition, also known as the largest mass exodus in the world, had had an extremely deep impact on the people who had to deal with the trauma. Millions were separated from their families and were rendered... Continue Reading →

Restless: Chronicles of a Policeman

Hello Readers, Sorry for being MIA for some time. In the meanwhile, a few significant things have happened in my life. I made it to Jadavpur University, my dream institution; joined the debating society to overcome my fear of public speaking; made a few friends; walked at my first pride parade and got introduced to... Continue Reading →

54 Reasons Why Parents Suck

If you check my last post, you'll realize that I haven't blogged for a month now. And for a profession that requires consistency over everything, that's one huge risk. In fact, I had thought of giving up blogging altogether because I was suffering from a severe reading slump for the past few weeks. However, the... Continue Reading →

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